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Anplify provides Research & Analysis and Transaction Support Services to Global investment Banks, Private Equity Funds, Research Houses, Startups, and Corporations. We strive to enhance the productive capabilities of our clients, thereby bringing about a significant reduction in their time to market. We act as our clients’ extended arm for their finance and strategy functions and help them by:

  • Providing on-demand temporary team extensions for managing work fluctuations
  • Bridging temporary resource gaps so that execution speed of critical projects is not impacted
  • Sharing their workload to free up valuable management time
  • Leveraging on time zone differences by operating out of locations in India and the US, to increase the speed to market

We also add value by enhancing access to information, adding knowledge insights and structuring information in a presentable form. By providing better-structured information, we enable our clients to carry out deeper analysis and arrive at valuable conclusions.

  • Consultative Approach

  • Customized Solutions

  • Complete Flexibility

Our full-time analysts work as part of extended client team. In an FTE engagement, our analysts work exclusively for the client on a full-time basis and give continuous support, helping clients to control and prioritize projects better. Full time analyst provides flexibility to the client with quick turnaround times, especially when there are frequent and ad hoc work requirements. Our analysts are equipped with multiple skillsets and can be utilized for various work requirements in the finance domain.

Full time analyst can be hired on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis allowing clients to scale their business without making long-term investments.

Valuation of all underlying assets in the entire private equity portfolio based on individual valuations and equity positions, including options and convertibles.

Anplify provides full Equity Research reports including coverage initiation reports and periodic updates. Our reports are research intensive with in-depth analysis aiding portfolio managers in the investment process. These reports are backed by exhaustive financial model which considers various valuation methodologies to arrive at the correct valuation of a security. Our initiation reports include in depth analysis and research of the security along with economic analysis, industry analysis as well as the competitor analysis. Our periodically updated research reports analyze the latest developments of the security along with recent trends in the economy and the industry to come up with an unbiased recommendation.

We have a group of highly experienced industry analysts, who carry out in-depth research on a broad spectrum of industries, including some industries that are not very widely covered. We primarily rely on secondary resources for our industry research. Our analysts know exactly what sources to refer to for reliable and up-to-date industry data. They refer to multiple high-quality data sources and slice & dice the information gathered to build a coherent thesis on industry trends, key industry performance parameters, growth drivers, and future trends.

They employ tools like Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, PEST Analysis, and Strategy Needs a Strategy Analysis to reveal insights on the key governing dynamics of the industry, which can form the basis for M&A deals and strategy. We can also identify key industry players and conduct an insightful comparative analysis to paint a picture of the industry’s competitive landscape.

We prepare detailed financial models in both, MS Excel and Modano®, for investment banks, PE funds, Startups and Corporations. These financial models are of various type, depending on their end use. They may be used for M&A/ fund raising transactions, PE waterfall determination, business planning/target setting, internal business evaluation, and budgeting.
A standard three statement financial model includes Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Assumptions, and Schedules. We normally follow a bottom-up approach to build financial models, where we start by identifying key revenue and cost drivers and then work out the growth assumptions. In addition to these statements, we can also carry out further analyses, including, Key Ratios, DuPont, Breakeven and Payback Analyses; if required.

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We provide end-to-end M&A and Fund-raising support to startups, corporations and investment banks – right from sourcing to final hand holding. Our transaction support process starts with a detailed assessment of the client business, including its key value drivers, growth potential, financial health, and key collaterals. Based on this understanding, we create a description of well-suited suitors/investors and carry out an extensive research to create a list of investors who may be interested in the transaction. We help companies establish contact with potential investors and join them in discussions with investors. Once the discussions reach advanced stages, we help businesses negotiate the final terms of the transaction and close the transaction on their behalf. In case of buy-side transactions, we also conduct in-depth financial due diligence of the target on behalf of the acquirer.

We prepare highly impactful CIMs to help businesses and investment banks effectively present investment opportunities to potential investors and suitors. CIMs include information on several aspects of the business, including basic description, operational details, Sales & Marketing information, financial information and Management & Team information. We prepare CIMs in presentation- or document-style and our CIMs have several graphs, charts, tables, and other visually appealing infographics.

We prepare intricate business valuation models using any of the commonly used valuation methodologies, including DCF valuation, Comparables valuation (listed and transaction comparables), and Sum of The Parts (SOTP) valuation. We start the valuation process by thoroughly reviewing the subject business and developing a granular understanding of its operations and key value drivers.

These insights are used as the basis for projecting the company’s cash flows and carrying out the DCF analysis. In case of comparables analysis, these insights are used to identify listed businesses that are similar to the target business, or to identify M&A transaction that involved similar businesses. The Identified businesses / transactions are assigned weights based on their similarity with the subject business and appropriate valuation multiples are calculated based on these weights.

We compile the results of the valuation exercise in a Valuation Report that elaborates the assumptions used for the valuation process, the approach followed for the valuation process and the key conclusions.

We prepare highly impactul pitch presentations, with several graphs, charts, tables, and other visually appealing infographics. Our pitch books are used by investment banks while making pitch presentations to potential clients for advising them on M&A transactions. Pitch books highlight the qualifications of an investment bank to advise on the transaction, given the bank’s understanding of the business and its previous involvement with similar deals. They discuss the investment banks experience & credentials, proposed strategy for completing the transaction, and the proposed timeline for completing the transaction process.

We offer customized research on companies and businesses operating all over the globe. Research includes finding key personnel, size of the company (Revenue, no. of employees, etc.), competitors and contact details of key members of the Company. Our team of highly skilled and trained research analysts have proven expertise in performing secondary research activities, using various databases and other information resources.

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We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.